☠ Outlaw Rank

☠ Outlaw Rank

- Red ☠ Outlaw tag in chat, above your head in game and on the tab list 

- Light colored chat, stand out from the rest.


  • Access to level #3 Cell (requires /cell reset) 
  • Access to the /chestshort command. Auto sort chests at your cell! 
  • Access to the /condense command. Turn ignots into blocks! 
  • Access to the /bm command. Make unlimited custom, uncraftable banners for FREE. 
  • Access to /feed command. Fill yourself up! 
  • Access to the /hat command. Set an item as your hat! 
  • Access to the /craft command. Instant workbench access! 
  • Access to the /ci command. Clear your inventory! 
  • Access to the /near command. See who is around you! 
  • Access to 6 Row Backpack (54 Slots) using the command /bp 
  • One-time deposit of 1,200 Enchantment Runes 
  • One-time deposit of $900,000 

Kit: Can claim once every 48 hours with /kit

  • Diamond Armor Set Protection 6 Unbreaking 6 

  • Diamond Sword Sharpness 6 Unbreaking 2 

  • Diamond Pickaxe Unbreaking 6 Efficiency 6 

  • Diamond Shovel Unbreaking 6 Efficiency 6 

  • Diamond Axe Unbreaking 6 Efficiency 6 

  • x64 Coal Block(s) 

  • x64 Iron Block(s) 

  • x64 Redstone Block(s) 

  • x32 Gold Block(s) 

  • x16 Diamond Block(s) 

  • x8 Emerald Block(s) 

Trails: Get a rad particle trail that follows you!

Command: /trails 

  • Access to ALL trails

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